First Data™ FD-10C Pin Pad

The First Data™ FD-10C PIN pad with integrated card reader allows merchants to take advantage of the growing consumer preference for Personal Identification Number (PIN) based debit payments and gives customers the confidence of initiating and processing their own transaction without giving up physical custody of the debit card.

Merchants are looking for ways to capitalize on the rapid growth of PIN based transactions at the point-of sale (POS) while allowing customers to settle in their preferred payment type. They also want to offer rapid payment processing to reduce customer wait times while maintaining a high level of security.

By allowing consumers to initiate and process their own transaction without giving up physical custody of the debit card, the FD-10C PIN pad adds a layer of security and confidence to the customer’s buying experience. Along with a First Data point-of-sale (POS) terminal, it is the ideal choice for today’s debit-enabled retail environment.

How it Works:

The FD-10C PIN pad was designed with the consumer in mind, including an integrated magnetic stripe reader, plus large, simple to use keys and an easy to read display in a hand held configuration. The raised key design also enables a visually impaired customer to input the PIN and process the transaction. Hard rubber keys and rugged construction make it ideal for high-traffic POS applications.

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