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Mobility vs. Portability: There is a Difference

Portable means light enough to haul around. Wires might be involved, but wireless WiFi might free you from that. Not bad.

But mobile is better. Mobile is small enough to wear all day if need be, like a door-to-door salesperson. Or compact enough to be out of the way in the front seat of a delivery vehicle.

And mobile means no boundaries. Not tethered by wires, nor restricted by WiFi availability. So merchants can accept payments anytime anywhere.

Our MTT models sport a smaller footprint than an iPhone, and weigh less than an ounce more. And by supporting GMS/GPRS, they afford the best geographic coverage available in the United States.

And with built-in authentication and encryption, plus end-to-end security, merchants can promise customers the industry's best efforts in securing their wireless transactions.

Mobility vs. Portability. Transactions without boundaries. More money from more sources – credit, debit, and smart cards – from the most points across the world. Mobile really is better.


MTT 1531 - Download Specifications Sheet (PDF, 63KB)

MTT 1581 - Download Specifications Sheet (PDF, 129KB)

WAY S40 Printer - Download Specifications Sheet (PDF, 80KB)


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