Layered Security with First Data TransArmor

Protect your customers’ valuable payment card data and decrease risk with an easy-to-implement, Comprehensive security solution that enhances your peace of min.

Cardholder security is priority one. The First Data TransArmor solution is a multi-layered security solution that uses both encryption and tokenization technology to protect data in transit. The TransArmor solution protects against the theft or exposure of sensitive payment card data from the point of swipe through the storage in back-end systems. Security solutions combined with a sound PCI security strategy is a powerful combination to protect payment card and other sensitive data.


Encryption: Provides security at the point of sale and during data transmission to the processor

Random number tokenization: The payment card number is replaced with a randomly generated number, called a token, which can never be used by an unauthorized party to conduct fraudulent transactions

For existing and future business needs: The token number can be used in place of the cardholder number within your systems to support business processes without the risks of storing actual card data

Service-based solution: The TransArmor solution is integrated with First Data terminals and will soon be available on a wide variety of other terminals and point-of-sale systems

With more than 95% of data breaches aimed at small business organizations and 96% of breach victims being out Of PCI DSS compliance at the time of the breach, we appreciate your efforts to maintain PCI security standards to protect your business and your customers.

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